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Pakistan failed to defend membership of the UN Human Rights Council

Pakistan failed to defend membership of the UN Human Rights Council as Arab countries also opposed.

Polling ends for LG elections in Punjab, Sindh; 11 dead in Khairpur armed clash

KHAIRPUR: Polling for the first phase of Local Government elections in Punjab and Sindh has come to an end and vote count has begun.

PML-N Invitation To Reham Khan After Divorce

Peshawar: Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz Leader Arbab Khizar Hayat Invites Imran Khan's Former Wife Reham Khan to Join His Party. He said that Reham Khan can join PMLN at any time.

Iran Is Much More Dangerous Than ISIS In The Region

This would be a serious threat to the moderate Sunni countries like Jordan, and the Persian Gulf states, and eventually to Israel and the West.

What Reham Khan will going to do in UK ? Revealed

London: Sources claimed that Reham Khan going to start a new political move in UK. She is trying to join UK's Labor Party. Reham Khan is Very Keen Interested in Politics.

5 Silent symptoms of paralysis

Paralysis is a direct damage to brain and a part of the body is paralyzed due to it. If proper treatment is made available at that time, the effects can be less intense.

Immense opportunities for employment in 3 fields

Immense opportunities for employment in the fields of engineering, Human Resources, Sales in UAE

Reham Khan Reveals Reason Behind Divorce

“Lies were being told about me and my children… Painful, appalling, and insufferable lies,

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