Tuesday, January 17, 2017


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What is in the Girl’s Handbag: A Story of a College and a Checking...

What is in the Girl's Handbag: A Story of a College and a Checking Team

Hive of 40,000 bees discovered under bedroom floor almost a year after homeowner first...

A hive of more than 40,000 bees has been removed from underneath a woman's bedroom a year after she started hearing buzzing from the floorboards.

Builders Discover Amazing 145-Year-Old Coffin Of Little Blonde Girl Found Still Clutching A Single...

Construction workers have stumbled on the mysterious 145-year-old coffin of a little girl – still clutching a red rose. They had been remodeling a garden when they discovered the lead and bronze coffin buried underneath a concrete garage .

What to Do If You Lock Your Keys in the Car: Simply Do This!

A spare key is one of those things that never seems like a huge deal until you need it. If you've ever lost your keys, had them stolen, or locked yourself out of your house or car, you know how difficult and embarrassing it can be trying to get your door open.

Why Pigs meat “Haram” in Islam ? 12 Scientific Reason also Proved

Why Pigs meat “Haram” in Islam ? 12 Scientific Reason also Proved

SECCAP CAP Admission Result 2016 Male Female Candidates

CAP Admission Result 2016 (Private and Regular Candidates) of Pre-Medical, Pre-Engineering, Commerce, Humanities, Economics and Computer Sciences. Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan College Admission Result 2016 has been announced.

KESC Duplicate Bill Download Online Print K Electric Bill

Now You can Print Duplicate Copy of of K Electric Electricity Bill. You can Also Download KESC Bill and View it. Karachi is the City of Lights.

Check SSGC Sui Gas Duplicate Bill Online Calculator Print

Sui Southern SSGC Download Duplicate Bill Copy and Online Gas BIll Calculator and Print. There are two gas providing department in Pakistan, Sui Northern Gas Pipeline Limited