Imran Khan Ordered the Removal of Awn Chaudhry

Aun Chaudhry

Islamabad: Aun Ch has been removed from his appointment with Imran Khan. The news has just come in from confirmed high level sources within the party. Aun Chaudhry has been discussed often in the party as the source of certain party leaders to take information about Imran Khan and to get access to the chairman as well.

There are multiple allegation on Chaudhry for taking money for arranging meetings and pictures with Imran Khan. As this came to light, along with other negative involvements of Chaudhry, Imran Khan made the decision to remove him.

Sources has also informed Earlier Pakistan News that Reham Khan took 50 lakh rupees from Aun Chaudhry for her filmmaking that as the condition to allow him to come back to Bani Gala. Sources tell that Aun Chaudhry will be out of Bani Gala and PTI by maximum tomorrow morning.