Nawaz Sharif laundered Rs1.439 billion, As Per SECP Letter


LONDON : Its a known fact that Nawaz Sharif family have been doing Money laundered from Pakistan for decades, every time they rightfully or wrongfully come into power by rigging general elections, an art which Sharif family has mastered over last few decades.

Gone are the days when Nawaz Sharif used to use US$ Bearer bonds, travelers cheques and Samsonite suitcases filled with cash and carried across the globe under “Diplomatic luggage” to launder money abroad. Now one of the ways Sharif family is laundering money is via their company based in Dubai. First mules (in the likes of Ayyan Ali) or Hawala channels are used to launder money to Dubai, which is then deposited in their company bank accounts, “CapitalFZE”.

The monies are then transferred to their UK and/or Offshore bank accounts using the legal banking channels to avoid raising any eyebrows of authorities abroad. These remittances from Dubai are then declared as “loans” to the UK based companies as shown in the Annual returns of their companies. The documents clearly states that all these companies are under common ownership of HN Sharif family. It is also pertinent to mention that Nawaz Sharif has also declared in ECP papers that he also receives millions of dollars as “Gift” from his son based in Middle East annually.

According to documents available with Sources revealed that SECP started investigating these dubious transactions back in August 2011 and a letter was sent to Chaudhry Sugar mills to explain export sales of Rs 739,767,957 Rs 699,994,499 SECP also sent letters to UK Central Authority as they were investigating & probe being conducted in response to an alert generated in the matter of Chaudhry Sugar Mills where the Export proceeds in the amount of PKR 739.767 million (2009: PKR 699.996 Million) were suspected to be used as a medium to siphon/launder the outcome of concealed fraudulent activities in the disguise of regular and legitimate business activities, where the counter party on the other side of the transaction is based in UK.

The SECP raised certain queries with UK Central Authority, whether there had been identified in certain Money Laundering transactions reported or identified or investigated regarding Hassan Nawaz Sharif UK Companies and whether Hassan Nawaz Sharif was named as an individual suspected in the transactions. SECP also requested list of Assets/properties held directly or beneficially by the HN Sharif and whether any criminal and or legal proceedings initiated against H N Sharif or the directors of their UK Companies.

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