Why Mubashir Luqman left BOL News? More Details Come to Public

Mubashir Luqman

Popular host, anchor and analyst, Mubasher Lucman, along with the team of his prior show- Khara Sach, have announced that they will be joining Channel 24. A new show is soon to start which details have not yet been made public.

After renowned senior anchor Mubasher Lucman announced his show on Bol TV, excited fans kept checking when to tune in for Lucman’s new show, Meri Jang. After the airing of some episodes, Lucman was noted to be absent from Bol as well.

Up till now, circumstances have prevented Bol TV to start functioning properly, even after acquisition by ARY group who’s owner, at the time of acquiring the channel had said that Bol would be launched with in 3 weeks. No such thing has happened and no comment has come forward either to explain the reason of delay.

According to sources, Lucman decided to join BOL when it was neck deep in a scandal of fake degrees. Many senior anchors quit Bol at the time when they saw that the channel had become a sinking ship. These anchors include Kamran Khan, Azhar Abbas, Iftikhar Ahmed, Asma and Wajahat. Luqman did the opposite and took captaincy of the ship at the time of need.

What was originally the ‘Khara Sach’ team includes Rao Owais Mehtab (executive producer), Naveed Sheikh (Sr. Producer), Rao Afifa Faisal (Producer), Muhammad Shoaib (Sr Associate Producer) and Danial Luqman (Manager IT and Social Media). Along with Lucman, they have also not been given their salaries and despite insistence of their friends and families they have stayed loyal to principles and their team. Luqman himself is full of praise for his team and believes it to be the best team in the country.