Try To Be Good One Not To Be Topper By Faiz Rabbani


Try To Be Good One Not To Be Topper

I would not study those subjects. It looks very tough for me to pass test of Mathematics. “But son without Mathematics you can do nothing, every science is based on Mathematics. Your daily life needs different sort of calculations which you can’t do without Mathematics. You get pocket money, you spend money you buy and sell things,, you get profit or loss,you save money etc. These all require some sort of Mathematics so why you are running away from Mathematics?” Papa you are right but I can’t understand unnecessary questions of Mathematics. Unnecessary … what do you mean to say, people are doing P.hd in Mathematics and you are calling it unnecessary. Yes papa it is unnecessary, to keep record of my expenses I need just simple calculations but further study of Mathematics is boring for me.

“Your child is unable to be taught”, the teacher said to the mother.”You don’t know how to teach, I’ll teach the child myself”, mother replied. History shows that the same child read the books of university level before 10.The child followed his interest and got his name engraved in history. He is known as Thomas Edison.

Today our students are forced to study those subjects which are not in their interest. This lack of interest results into failure. These days a race is there among institutions to get higher rank. The more score of students, means higher rank of the institution. Our examination system is based on testing the memorizing power of student. Therefore most of students get serious in studies before a few days of exams. Consequently we get minds who are good at memorizing but not at creating. As result such brains are failed in practical life.

It is a fact that practical life needs practical and creative mind and thoughts, while our students are only followers. Our students get through exams just by cramming while in life we come across to tackle the things by understanding of things.

In the matter of language our students are unable to translate a simple sentence in English even after passing graduation and think to join Language courses. Our students are unable to understand the application of scientific laws even sometimes toppers also. Bill Gates was not topper but he is bossing so many toppers today.

Einstein gave theory of Relativity in 1905 but who topped in 1905 is unknown. We know Newton because of his theories in science but topper of that age is not in our studies. Similarly other scientists have good understanding of natural laws, therefore their research and observations became fundamentals of science. They all followed their interests and became famous.

By cramming you may have good memory but not good understanding. The race of becoming topper just by memorizing, produces poor understanding in the field of science. Science requires the thirst of creativity and our students are still very far from creativity.

Therefore we should study on the basis of good understanding not on the basis of becoming topper just by cramming. Our interest decides our future, so therefore I would suggest that one should choose the subjects of his own interest otherwise he may be a topper having superficial knowledge of the things. By Faiz Rabbani


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